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Great Lakes Fishing Reports Updated 3-25-15
Great Lakes Fishing Reports include these Harbors:

Michigan Reports:
Au Gres Report Updated 3-25-15
Grand Haven Report: Updated 9-16-14
Harbor Beach Report: Updated 10-21-14
Holland Report: Updated 8-20-14
Ludington Report:
Manistee Report:
Port Austin Report: Updated 10-21-14
Port Sanilaic Report:  Updated 10-21-14
Port Sheldon Report:  
Saginaw Bay Report: Updated 3-25-15
St. Joseph Report:
Tawas Report Updated Updated 3-25-15

Wisconson Reports:
Milwaukee Report: Updated 2-23-15


General Fishing Reports
Updated 3-24-15

Click Image to view Report

Have your fishing report posted - its easy. Just email muckboy43@yahoo.com

Muck Boy Sporting & Hunting Dog Finder - Always Updated

If you are in the market for a top quality sporting, hunting or gun dog. Our Sporting & Hunting Dog Finder pages have just that, every day the Muck Boy Crew is searching the internet and making contacts with kennels, breeders and dog owners of great top quality dogs to help you in your search for just the right dog for what ever your needs. There are now listings in Forty Four States.

New PUPS are here or on the way in many States! Just look for the puppy icon wagging its tail.

To find out more on how to post your dog information on the Muck Boy Dog Finder Pages go the posting page.

The Muck Boy Dog Finder
Muck Boy Dog Finder
Click image to enter

If you are an owner of a kennel, dog that would be a great sire or dam? Have a litter of great puppies? Are they listed here on our dog finder pages? Why not? Its

Muck Boy Waterfowl Reports Updated 03-23-15
Michigan State Game Area Reports

Click on the Signs to take you to the reports.

Allegan State Game Area Report
Area Report - Updated 8-10-14

Report - Updated 10-28-13

Area Report - Updated 10-10-14
Nayanquing Point State Game Area Report
Area Report - Updated 10-26-14
Fish Point State Game Area  Report
Area Report - Updated 03-23-15
Shiawassee River State Game Area  Report
Area Report -Updated 11-12-14
Did you know the Muck Boy Waterfowl Page has links to other great information that you can use when planning your next hunt?

Click Images to take you to the Hunting Reports.

Updated 11-15-14
Waterfowl Hunting Reports

Muck Boy 2014 North Dakota Waterf owl Hunting Trip Report

Muck Boy 2015 Missouri
Spring Snow Goose Hunt


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