Marsport Brittanys

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Marsport Brittanys

I take great pride in breeding a dog that will bring you pleasure in every way. I have been dedicated to breeding quality Brittanys for over 30 years. I produce attractive, trainable, versatile Brittanys with sound temperaments that are well suited as family companions, hunting partners and show and field contenders.

Our dogs are OFA Certified and are now being tested for CERF and elbows. My breeding has produced Best In Show Britts, numerous show ranked Brittanys and AKC Junior, Senior and Master Hunt Test titled dogs and over 100 hunting companions. Those involved in Brittanys take pride in the breed; the dog that wins at a show today can go hunting or win a hunt test or field trial tomorrow. The breed has more dual champions (Field and Show Champions), than any other breed. I provide a contract and guarantees

The same dogs I hunt are also shown. As a sidelight my Best In Show dog (Diver), had won Best Of Breed in the morning. The area Brittany club president invited a group to his home for a few hours before the Sporting Group competition started. He let out some quail for who ever wanted to run their dogs. I ran Diver. Several were astounded that I would run my “show dog” in the field prior to an important show competition. Diver went on a spectacular point and later that day placed in the group.

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