Britt Haven

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Britt Haven

Britt Haven's objective, as a NJ Brittany Dog Breeder, is a leggy dog near the top of the standard with smoother hair, more white than orange for greater visibility in the field, calm, intelligent disposition. Show ring conformation and field champion competence complete this objective. Puppies should be healthy, immunized, and well started with socialization with dogs and people.

These dogs are lively, active, but not high strung. They require a lot of exercise in the open and off lead. They require a sizable yard with preferably an electronic fence. They are soft, stubborn, highly intelligent dogs that require a lot of training to avoid boredom, and that training is seldom within the novice’s capability. With these requirements met, they are excellent with children if previously socialized with them, and with other dogs. In the home they are a relaxed and wonderful companion, quite alert and comic, sweet and gentle. Their relatively short, single coat drip-dries and requires minimal maintenance.

If this sounds like your kind of dog, I usually have some good ones coming up to choose from. Why not get in touch with me and let me know what you are looking for in a puppy. Chances are I have one coming that will suit you. If I don’t have exactly what you are after, I can probably help you find one for the reasonable future. Please understand that puppies are seasonably available and selection will vary. Scheduled visits are welcome. Contact us for details

For more information please check out Britt Haven website.

Phone: (201)327-6059